4 August, 2020 5 min read

how to find the right person for your job

Your business has survived the last few months of the global pandemic and now you are looking to the future - nice one! If your business is in a position to hire, then your next challenge is finding the right professional for your job, in an employment market that has thousands of people looking for work.

So how do you find the right person for your job? That person who has the skills and knowledge to get the job done?

1. Create a detailed job description

Job titles mean different things in every company. Creating a job description that highlights the skills and the experience your business will need can not only help you define what you need but also help potential applicants decide if they should apply. 

Detail the specific technical skills required like the level of proficiency with software programs eg. Procore, Microsoft Office, or Hubspot. If education level or years of experience is important, be sure to include those in the description.

What does success look like from your business perspective? Including your expectation of the first 100 days and 12 months can be a useful way to convey to candidates the pace of your company and the accountability that the role will have.

2. Be selective about where you advertise your job

Crafted an awesome job description? OK, the next big decision is where to advertise to attract the type of skilled people you want.  Putting your job advert anywhere and everywhere is probably not the best strategy in today’s applicant heavy market. It can get expensive and overwhelm you with unqualified applications.

There are well-known job boards and platforms that can be useful in increasing the volume of applicants here are numerous, but you’ll probably end up with high volumes of CVs that don’t have the basic skill requirements for your job. 

Be very selective about where you advertise consider industry associations or professional associations rather than the general catch all job boards to help reduce the irrelevant applications.

3. Shortlist without bias

Whittling down your pile of applications to create a shortlist can consume hours and hours of your week. The fact is that CV’s will come in a variety of formats and are often very hard to compare. Even if you only skim each CV for 2 minutes seconds, with 200 applications, that’s over 6 hours of reviewing job applications.

When skimming CV's, it can be easy to be drawn to things that are familiar to you. Things like the university someone went to, activities outside work and if they have put a photo on their application are you unknowingly judging them on appearance?

To avoid this unconscious bias when shortlisting job applications, try reviewing the skills and experience sections of the CV first, and comparing it to the skills-based job description you created. If you use nextmile, the first stage of shortlisting is done by our matching algorithm, removing the types of unconscious bias mentioned. Plus you’ll receive the shortlist of skill matched people within 48 hours and help you avoid being overwhelmed with unsuitable applications.

4. Is a recruitment consultant the answer?

The simple answer is maybe! A recruitment consultant or agency may help you avoid the job board dilemma and provide a shortlist of screened people who will hopefully closely match the skills you are looking for. However, don’t underestimate the time you will need to spend briefing the recruiter, reviewing the CV’s sent over, providing feedback if they aren’t quite right.

There is also a significant financial investment. Recruiters can charge between 15-30% of the salary package. Even though there is no payment up front, if you do hire through them the cost can be significant.

We hope these tips help you find the right person for your job!  

You can register with nextmile as an employer. It’s free to use and you will receive an anonymised list of available, skill matched people for your job within 48 hours. Find out more.