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shortlist criteria Create a skills based job description by answering simple questions from our hiring experts.
make the match Within 48 hours you'll receive an anonymised shortlist, with people matched on over 50 data points.
choose & connect Choose the profiles which best meet your needs. Pay a simple one time flat fee per profile to connect.

irrelevant CV's drowning your inbox?

Finding the right person is harder than it should be, even with thousands of people looking for work. Don't waste time reviewing hundreds of job applications. Skip straight to a shortlist of highly matched profiles with nextmile. 

results before you buy

Job boards can be expensive with no guarantee of finding the right person. A recruitment agency can save time, but the fees can quickly add up.

With nextmile, review profiles matched to your job before you buy. Only pay a one time cost per profile to unlock the contact details.

nextmile pricing

it's free to get started with nextmile and only pay to connect with the people you choose - matching people and work shouldn't be expensive or exhausting.


Job matched to nextmile talent pool
Create screening questions
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Create an employer profile, post a job to the talent community and receive a shortlist of matched talent profiles - all for free!

talent profile

$50 / profile
Includes all shortlist features, plus:
You choose the profiles to unlock
Full profile with contact details
No further fees or charges
You receive a shortlist of anonymised profiles for free. Pay a flat fee of $50 per profile to unlock the full profile and contact details.

always hiring

$5 / head / month*
Includes all shortlist features, plus:
10 unlocked profiles per job
Unlimited job postings
Discount for annual payment

Are you always hiring or on the lookout for great people? 

*Price includes 20% discount for annual payment. Min 10 headcount. Terms & conditions apply.

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always hiring plan

Pricing is based to your company headcount*

*Minimum monthly charge of $60
$50 / month
billed at $600 per year

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