How it works for  Talent

How it works for  Talent

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You'll be able to tell us about you, your experience and what you're looking for through a simple questionnaire. The whole process will take about 15 minutes.

You'll also get an awesome profile to keep at the end.

We then get to work

Our matching system immediately gets to work, matching you on over 50+ data points. We'll match you with relevant roles as soon as they get posted on our platform, and send you a notification to take a look. You won't need to be logged in all day!


When you've been notified of a relevant job, you'll have 24 hours to confirm your interest and answer any specific questions asked by the employer. You won't need to adjust your resume or write a lengthy cover letter.


We'll keep you in the loop at every stage, with more detailed feedback the further you progress.

You own the connection

Unlike many other platforms that charge either high introductions fees, have on-going charges or even worse - both! Once the employer has paid for the connection there will be no further charges for you or them.

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We're free for Talent