Our  Story

Our Story

Why Next Mile?

We've spent most of our careers working in the corporate world where we worked closely with business leaders and HR teams. We experienced the constant struggle businesses faced to attract the right people and the right skills.

It always seemed to be a soul-destroying process that took far too long, cost way too much, and more often than not you didn't get what you really needed in the end. Hiring permanent staff was hard, and bringing in the expertise for a project was near impossible.

After leaving our jobs to start a small consultancy, we couldn't believe how difficult it was to find services - simple things like a lawyer, a tax accountant, someone to build our website, someone to help us with marketing. We wasted so much time. We felt so out of control.

People often talk of a talent shortage. While that may be true in some cases, we came to realise after talking with a lot of people that the talent is out there. There's just no easy way to find them, and the best people are often not where you expect them to be.

We will fix this!

Josh Snow & Cedric Audibert
Co-founders of Next Mile

Looking ahead

We want to live in a world where finding a job or finding someone for a job is simple and accessible. It means connecting the right people with the right work, at the right time, and doing away with boxes and biases. The world of work is changing, and we want it to work for you.

We want to do things differently, and that starts with our values. They are:

  • There's a job for everyone
  • We build connections, not own them
  • Always be transparent
  • Challenge the game
  • Empower our users, return control