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why nextmile?

I've spent most of my working life in the corporate world, where we had recruiters and HR teams to help us hire. Even then, hiring the right people seemed to take far too long, cost way too much and finding the person with the right skillset was a constant struggle. Hiring permanent staff was hard and bringing in professional expertise for a project was near impossible.

After leaving my corporate roles, I co-founded a small consultancy and it struck me - finding services like a lawyer, tax accountant, a web designer or digital marketing expertise was so time consuming it felt like a full time job. 

Although the employment market is drastically different from even 6 months ago, it's still incredibly tough to find talented people with the right skills.  And more than ever, people looking for jobs are struggling to connect with those that are hiring, often spending hours to apply and never hearing anything back.

I wanted to fix the problem. I wanted to make the whole process easier and more transparent for everyone involved. So I created nextmile.

We're only just starting out. I hope you'll come along on our journey and help us create a better way to connect amazing people with the right jobs.

our values

there's a job for everyone
we build connections, not own them
we value transparency
we empower our users to take control

our team

Josh Snow Founder & Product
Bec Ewing Head of Marketing
Nick Agidbashyan Head of Sales & Operations
Charlie Chief Happiness Officer
Cedric Audibert Director
Alex Cao Director
Tim McColl Jones Advisor
Timothy Buchhorn Advisor

our office

Headquarters - Sydney, Australia

85 William Street
Darlinghust, NSW, 2010

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